Thursday, February 13, 2014

Recap on Weekly Highlights

So just a recap of the two highlights for the week so far...

ERBB a.k.a. Transbyte Corp. had a nice pullback earlier in the week followed by a strong recovery... This afternoon Jim Cramer from Mad Money tweeted an article about ERBB and the MJ industry, with that kind of visibility there is a high likelihood of a run tomorrow.
Here is the article he tweeted.
 We may possibly see .05 or higher. As for ERBB's new partner CYBK a.k.a. CyberKiosk that is making their machines, we've seen close to a 250% gain this week. I expect CYBK to have a small pullback tomorrow and consolidation before they climb more next week.

XTRM a.k.a Extreme Cannabis Ventures has had an awesome week so far with over 100% in gains this week. They had a small pullback today which sets them up nicely to climb higher tomorrow... I expect this company to see a PPS of .05 or higher in the near term. XTRM is the only current company in the MJ sector focused on using industrial hemp to produce bio-fuel. With the legalization of industrial hemp in the farm bill and their recent acquisition of a 40 acre land parcel, they are well placed to take over a good portion of this market.

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