Monday, February 10, 2014

Just to get us started

So how many of you remember the dot com boom. I ask seeing as I'm assuming you weren't around at the end of alcohol prohibition. If you remember when the internet first became popular you will have some idea of what is happening in the marijuana industry right now. The fact that states are legalizing something that has been in use for years regardless, then regulating and taxing it has profound implications.
We will now be able to grow industrial hemp again, that is a major cash crop with over 50,000 potential consumer and industrial applications. We are able to undermine the black market drug dealers by producing the product cheaper and in a more regulated manner. This also helps to prevent the underage from having any more access to it than they would to alcohol or cigarettes. It provides a major source of revenue in the form of tax dollars that could be reinvested into the community... and in my opinion the greatest part about it all is that just like the dot com boom there are several companies that are public companies and relatively easy to invest in.

As the process of legalization continues many people will make fortunes... a few will lose but that's just the nature of the market. These sector wide boom cycles happen occasionally though not generally on the level of an end to a prohibition. This is more like what would have happened if you had been on the ground floor of Budweiser when the alcohol prohibition ended... provided you are able to create a portfolio of many of these companies there is a rather high likelihood you'll be able to do quite well for yourself in the coming years. For a selection of companies I am currently following please read the post script. In the comments below feel free to ask questions about potential opportunities in the sector and I will do my best to provide answers.

P.S. Here is a short list of what I follow in the MJ sector.
HEMP, MJNA, MWIP, AEGY, FITX, ERBB, SKTO, PHOT, MDBX, CBDS, CBIS and a few others I'm not remembering right now. Most if not all of these companies have doubled in share price since January and based on my best guess, after studying the end of the alcohol prohibition and dot com boom, is that they are going to increase exponentially over the next few years.

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