Monday, February 17, 2014

New Sector Highlight

Alright folks, I know I've been highlighting the Marijuana Sector for awhile now... So today I want to discuss another up and coming sector that should grow exponentially over the next few years. We're going to look at Augmented Reality and why I believe this will be one of the next major waves of the future. To start with, lets look at what AR is and what some of the potential benefits are.

Augmented Reality is essentially how we use technology to enhance our perceptions in various ways to increase our ability to do and see things we wouldn't otherwise be able to. For example hearing aids are one of the earlier forms of augmented reality as are corrective lenses. As we have progressed into the the 21st century we have added to our abilities for reality augmentation... we have developed things like smartphones and Google Glass. I expect in the next year or so we will have a device that can give a person a full digital overlay of reality allowing them to see and do things that would have been either very difficult or utterly impossible until that point.

Some of the benefits will include things like architects being able to see a digital building where they are building an actual structure... this would allow more accuracy during the construction process. We could have doctors wearing them while doing surgery to ensure that no accidental incisions are made into the wrong places... as well as having a patients full medical file on hand at any point they need it. It would also allow such things as visual driving cues, with arrows to guide you to your destination or the entire rear end of the vehicle in front of you could start flashing if they applied their brakes. Other potentials are being found on a regular basis and if you can think of one let me know in the comments below.

Some of the companies involved in developing this technology are of course the big name companies like Google, Apple, and Samsung... to name a few. We also have smaller companies that are attempting to gain a part of this new market by innovating new software or better versions of devices like Google Glass... A couple of these companies include Vuzix, which has a device similar to Glass... and Infinity Augmented Reality, which is designing the next generation computer "brain" for Google's next generation model of Glass. For more potential opportunities in this sector try googling "Augmented Reality" and doing some research into different companies. Hope everyone enjoyed this little write up on this sector and I look forward to hearing some opinions from you all.

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